Foot Care For Diabetes



If you have diabetes, you may find yourself in the vicious cycle of health problems if you are not careful. Precisely, diabetes impairs blood circulation to the feet. It also leads to peripheral neuropathy, which causes numbness in the feet. Lack of oxygen and nutrients coupled with numbness leads to lack of sensitivity.

Common diabetes foot care tips

Check for injuries on a daily basis

footcareleftsdfghjIf you do not notice an injury to your feet early enough, it may get to a point where amputation is the only way out. This is because diabetes weakens the body immune system and makes it difficult for wounds to heal. Therefore, examine your feet daily to identify any cuts, blisters or sores. Seek medical attention immediately you notice any form of injury to your feet.

Keep your feet at their best always

You do not feel your feet, so the only way to ensure that you don’t get injuries is to keep them at their best all the time. Wear proper shoes and socks, and never walk barefoot. In fact, you should wear socks even at night. Ensure that there are no sharp objects in the shoes or socks before you put them on. Also, keep your feet away from extreme temperatures. You should also avoid any activities that may interfere with blood flow to the legs, like crossing them for a long time. If your feet is very weak due to extreme nerve damage, get orthotics from your podiatrist.


Exercising is always good for your health. Exercising your legs will enhance blood flow and ensure that the various parts of the feet get enough oxygen and nutrients. However, it is important to ensure that you do not engage in exercises that can hurt your leg. Perform the simplest leg exercises that will enhance blood flow without overstretching your feet muscles too much. You can try swimming, cycling or yoga. Non-impact exercises are the best at this time.

Clean your feet daily

Dirt encourages the accumulafootcarerightsdftion of bacteria which may increase the probability of injury to the feet. Wash your feet using warm water, and dry them using a soft towel. It is good to trim your toenails, but you have to be very careful to ensure that you do not cut or injure your feet in the process. Get someone to help you smooth corns and calluses. Once your feet are clean and dry, apply some lotion to keep the skin moist.

Once you have practiced all these foot care tips for diabetes, quit smoking to make diabetes even more controllable. Go for regular checkups in the nearest medical center to ensure that you are at your best. Overall, ensure that you avoid anything that can lead to injury to your feet.